24H SPA : TOP 5 in PRO-Am !

24H SPA : TOP 5 in PRO-Am !

24H SPA : TOP 5 in Pro-Am class ! 

Checkered flag after 24H of race, highlighted with many incidents, rain, drizzle, yellow flags, FCY, Safety cars, ... 

Our BMW M6 GT3 driven with skill by our 4 drivers: Karim Ojjeh, Gilles Vannellet, pro driver Jens Klingmann, and the newcomer in GT3, Benjamin Lessennes, passed the chequered flag in 5th position of its category and 25 in the general classification. 
A race that was eventful from start to finish. 
Noteworthy, the absolute best sector 1 for Benjamin Lessennes!

Photo by Wood.workz.photography

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