FIA WTCR, SUZUKA, Japan, driver's quotes

FIA WTCR, SUZUKA, Japan, driver's quotes

FIA WTCR, SUZUKA, Round 9 : driver's quotes

Results Race 3 : 

  • P11 : Tiago Monteiro
  • P14 : Tom Coronel 

Tiago Monteiro, back on track, after 14 months of absence ..

Tiago Monteiro : "“What a weekend! I came here without any targets set publicly, but privately I needed to prove I could be competitive straight away. The team have been fantastic in improving the car from day to day and I genuinely think that if this had been a normal weekend, with second qualifying on the same day as Races Two and Three, I could have got into the top 10 on the grid. It’s felt amazing to be back all weekend and I’m very pleased with how everything’s gone. It’s a great starting point for 2019.”

Tom Coronel :“We made some good progress through the weekend and you can see the evidence of this from the race results. I’m quite happy with the handling and I have more confidence to push than in previous weekends. We do still need to improve in qualifying. This championship is so tight that even a small gain in time can put you many positions further up on the grid. If I’d started on the seventh row – which could have been possible without the red flag in qualifying – I think the races would have been even better.


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