Blancpain Endurance Series

Our team is present in Blancpain GT Series since 2012. 

  • 2019 : Blancpain Endurance, BMW M6 GT3 & Lamborghini Huracan  
  • 2017-2018 : Blancpain GT Sports Club, BMW M6 GT3 & 2 Lamborghini Reiter 
  • 2016 : BMW M6 GT3
  • 2015 : BMW Z4 GT3
  • 2012-2013-2014 : McLaren MP4-12C GT3


Calendar 2019 - Endurance Circuits
  • 13-14 April 2019          
  • 10-12 May 2019           
  • 30 May-1st June 2019          
  • 25-28 July 2019    
  • 27-29 September 2019
  • Monza – Italy
  • Silverstone – UK
  • Paul Ricard  – France
  • Spa 24H – Belgium
  • Barcelona - Spain
Sept 2019, Blancpain Endurance, Barcelone, Spain, Round 5

3 hours endurance race in Catalunya 

An incredible race !!!

Results : 

  • TOP 5 for the BMW M6 #9 in Pro-AM class, of Gennaro Bonafede and Karim Ojjeh !
  • TOP 6 for the Lamborghini #15 of Claude-Yves Gosselin, Marc Rostan & Renaud Kuppens ! 

July 2019, Blancpain Endurance, Spa : The 24 hours race ! 

The BMW M6 GT3 took to the track for the first test session, the bronze test, reserved for Bronze and Silver drivers who have never competed in a race on the Spa circuit. Our 4 drivers have done a series of laps, Karim Ojjeh, the Saudi, accompanied by the French Marc Rostan and Erik Maris, and Gennaro Bonafede, from South Africa. 

The traditional group photo was taken on Wednesday just before the parade in the streets of Spa. A huge crowd was waiting for the cars...

BMW M6, #9 : Karim Ojjeh, Marc Rostan, Erik Maris et Gennaro Bonafede

16h30 : Green flag for 24H race, start under safety car because the track is flooded! It's raining like hell! Difficult conditions...
Full Course Yellow, safety cars, off-roads,...
After 12 hours of racing, we move from 73rd position to 52nd... in the overall classification, 10th in our class.
06h45: Red flag! The race is suspended, track conditions no longer allow "safe" driving.
We are waiting for an update from the race director.

10h30 : Red flag, again and again, .. We are still in Parc Fermé, waiting for the update and decision of Race Director.

Restart of the race at 11:30 am Sunday morning, after tough night conditions...! An exciting end of the race : Karim Ojjeh, Marc Rostan, Erik Maris and Gennaro Bonafede took the wheel of the our BMW #9 and crossed the finish line in 8th position -  AM class. 
Spa 24 Hours ...   What a race ! 
Thanks to our dear drivers and all our team members for the great efforts ! 


June 2019, Blancpain Endurance, Paul Ricard, Round 3 : Qualif and race : P4 & P5 !  

Not far from the AM class podium !!!

  • BMW M6 #9 : Karim Ojjeh, Angelique Detavernier & Marc Rostan
  • Lamborghini #15 : Pierre Feligioni, Renaud Kuppens & Claude-Yves Gosselin
  • Qualif : P8 for the Lambo, P9 for the M6
  • The 6 hours race : P4 for M6, P5 for Lambo ! 

May 2019, Blancpain Endurance, Round 2, Silverstone, UK
Combined qualifying session of the 3 drivers :
  • P4 AM for Lambo #15, Pierre Feligioni, Claude-Yves Gosselin & Renaud Kuppens
  • P5 Pro-AM for the BMW M6 #9, Karim Ojjeh, Marc Rostan & Philipp Eng
A very hectic 3-hour race, with a big crash at the start of the race (for other competitors), which required the safety car to enter the track for several minutes. Then an early pitstop for the BMW M6, for a power steering issue. The #9 was able to resume the track a few laps later. Our 2 cars finished the race  on the very selective Silverstone circuit... 
Race results: 
  • P6 AM for Lambo #15
  • P7 Pro-Am for BMW #9

April 2019, Blancpain Endurance, Round 1, Monza, Italy : P4 

This Blancpain season started off with weather conditions that were very difficult to control! The Monza circuit became a real ice rink...  

A qualifying session which happened to be completely cut short by the rain and the red flags that just on coming, one after another!

And a 3-hour race that started in the same conditions: it was not easy to stay on track. It is therefore a great first result for the Lamborghini, #15 of Claude-Yves Gosselin, Pierre Feligioni and Renaud Kuppens that finished its race at the bottom of the podium, in 4th place!!! The BMW M6 of Marc Rostan, Philippe Steveny and Karim Ojjeh was less successful as it had to drop out in the 3rd stint due to a mechanical breakdown. Too bad. 


Calendar 2016 Circuits
  • 23-24 April 2016           
  • 14-15 May 2016          
  • 24-25 June 2016         
  • 28-31 July 2016        
  • 17-18 September 2016
  • Monza – Italy
  • Silverstone – UK
  • Paul Ricard  – France
  • Spa 24H – Belgium
  • Nurburgring – Germany
Septembre 2016 : Round 5 : NURBURGRING
Last round of the Blancpain Endurance championship, Nurburgring, in Germany.

Result : Q1 cancelled, Q2 cancelled, 2 red flags in Q3. P20 on the starting grid.

Race : P13 - Pro-Am class

July 2016 : 24H OF SPA, 1 week of racing .. in the Belgian Ardennes,
Our 24H drivers : Olivier Grotz, Karim Ojjeh, Julien Darras and Arno Santamato,
And a 24hours race that was over for us, at 7am, due to a gearbox problem, impossible to come back to the pits.
Thanks to our drivers, team members, partners, fans for their fantastic support !
We will come back stronger !


June 2016 : Round 3 : PAUL RICARD, South of France  : TOP 8 for our BMW M6 GT3 !
Endurance race of 1000 kms, 57 cars on the grid.
Promising result in the Pro-Am class, P8.

May 2016 : Round 2 : SILVERSTONE

Qualif : P18
Race : P13 Pro-Am

Start of the race at 15H for our BMW M6 Black panther and the others 55 GT3 cars.

Karim  Ojjeh is at the wheel : P54 overall, P20 Pro-Am. Good start. 56 cars on the grid.

After 30 minutes of race : P38 overall, P13 in class.
2H30 to go.
Pit-stop, driver's change. Julien Darras gets in the car and replaces Karim Ojjeh. Good job.

He is then replaced by Olivier Grotz. Great stint too.
We are now P29, P11 in class.  Nice feeling of the car.  The 3 drivers avoid the race facts which is really not bad, taking into account the 56 cars on track.

But 12 minutes from the end, the engine switches off and goes into safety mode. No way to restart.
We are ranked P15 in Pro-Am class.

Karim Ojjeh :  "An exemplary effort from everyone which was simply not rewarded!  This is my fourth year at Boutsen, and never saw the team this focused, concentrated and ambitious.  We all worked meticulously to getting it right this weekend, whether our mechanics, engineer, team manager and my co-drivers, Julien and Olivier.  We were looking for a top 10 finish, when our engine broke down 15 minutes before the end.  This only resolves our aim to work harder and prove how good the new BMW M6 GT3 really is.  The car is only at its beginning and we have a lot of work in storage!."

Julien Darras : "This week-end was my first GT3 race, I have learned a lot, has had good feelings with the car, it's a pity we did not finished the race; I m already looking forward to Silverstone .."

Olivier Grotz : « The start of the race was a little difficult, adapting to the new car after a long winter break. We improved throughout the whole weekend and ended up very competitive during the race. I learned a lot about the way the car should be driven during the race. The end of the race was a little disappointing but however all the drivers, mechanics and engineers learned a lot about the behavior and setup of the new BMW. I would like to thank the whole team and finally welcome Julien to our team. »

2012 - 2013 - 2014

After an incredible successful first season in 2012, the Blancpain Endurance Series has become THE reference in the world of GT Motorsport.

Since 2012, over fifty GT3 cars are participating to every endurance race. The main event of the season is of course the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps. Built around the success of this legendary race, the series aims to provide a highly technical environment with application of sporting rules in accordance with the wishes of the majority of teams and drivers, both professional and amateur.

The main circuits  : 

  • Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium),
  • Monza (Italy),
  • Silverstone (UK),
  • Paul Ricard (France),
  • Nurburgring (Germany).


BMW Z4 GT3 #15 :
Olivier Grotz - Luxembourg
Karim Ojjeh - Saudi
Results class Am :
1 Victory : Silverstone
P3 : Paul Ricard
P2 : Nurburgring
Result GT Tour France (1 meeting)
2 Wins : Spa-Francorchamps

Drivers 24H Spa-Francorchamps :
Jordan Grogor (S-Africa/Dubai)
Ralf Oeverhaus (German)


McLaren #15 :
Olivier Grotz - Luxembourg
Karim Ojjeh -  Saudi
Fred Vervisch - Belgium

Our engineer, Massimo, Olivier Grotz & Karim Ojjeh

Already with us in 2013, Karim Ojjeh continues the adventure in our team for the 2014 season.

Olivier Grotz, 20 years old, is coming straight from  karting : Benelux Karting KF3, Belgian Karting Championship, WSK Euro Series. It is a new challenge for him and is happy to discover the series.

Frédéric Vervisch, is the 3rd driver, he was already with us in 2013, at the wheel of the McLaren.

McLaren #16 :
Shahan Sarkissian & Alex Demirdjian, from Lebanon
Chris Van Der Drift, from New-Zeland

Shahan Sarkissian

Shahan Sarkissian raced in Formula Renault Uk championship for the last 2 years and in his second year managed to finish in Top 10 in the standings. He is the co-founder of “MEMOTORSPORT.COM”, Middle East Motorsports is dedicated to be the first official motorsport management company in the Middle East working to develop, guide and manage young talented drivers and ultimately help them succeed in their careers. Founded by professional drivers, business people and enthusiasts, MEMM’s mission is to support the careers of Arab drivers, look after the interests of regional sponsors, engage with young people and use motorsport to promote road safety throughout the Middle East region.

Shahan Sarkissian (driver) : « Moving to GT3 this year is definitely the right step forward in my career. I am very excited to get the chance to do so with a experienced team like Boutsen. This is a great opportunity in my first year in GT racing. I am looking  forward to the championship and hope to  learn a lot. I will  aim for the best possible results in our class. With the teams experience and my team mates I am sure this will be a very successful year.”

 Alex Demirdjian

Alex Demirdjian is a former racing driver (French F3) and now an international business man (The Iron Man..). He is looking for a new challenge in the Blancpain Endurance Championship….

Alex Demirdjian (driver) : « Out of office, on the race track » I find so many similarities between the business world and car racing. Fast decisions, coping with competition pressure and continuous performance requirements to become a better leader and put things in perspective.. »

Chris van der Drift

Chris van der Drift, is born in New-Zealand, on March 8th, 1986. 

He started his racing career with karting, before singleseater. We saw him in Formula BMW, Formula Renault 2.0, Formula Renault 3.5, GP2 series, Formula Superleague, AutoGP World Series, and more recently in GT,
and V8 Supercars. He knows the McLaren MP4-12C GT3 well as he was already racing with this car in 2012 et 2013. 
Since 2004, Formula and GT Series : 23 fastest race laps, 3 x European champion, 23 victories, 68 podiums.

With the 3 drivers line-ups, PRO, PRO-AM or Gentlemen, and a 3-steps qualifying system inspired from Formula One, the series aims to give the team and drivers a friendly but professional atmosphere.

2013 :
The win in Pro-Am class at Paul Ricard, and P4 at Nurburgring.
P2 in class Am at Nurburgring.

New look for 2013 :



Driver Blancpain 2013 Frédéric Vervisch

Frédéric Vervisch is Belgian, he accumulated wins and titles during his racing years  in different categories:

  •      karting
  •      F3 Asia, Germany
  •      Formula Renault 3.5
  •      Superleague Formula
  •      .....

He competes this year in Blancpain Endurace Series, with the McLaren MP4-12C,  #5, in the Pro-Am category. This is his first year in GT3. He shares the wheel with David Dermont and Koen Wauters.


Driver Blancpain 2013 David Dermont

We know David Dermont, the Belgian driver, since he was part of our adventure in the Eurocup Megane Trophy. David Dermont has also raced in :

  •      Belgian Touring Cars
  •      Porsche SuperCup
  •      FIA GT
  •      Megane Trophy


Driver Blancpain 2013 Koen Wauters

Koen Wauters, the Belgian driver, has already a lot of experence on track, a very short summary :

  • 24 Hours of Zolder : 20 entries
  • 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps : 10 entries
  • 24 Hours of Daytona : 2 entries
  • Paris-Dakar rally ...

He is also editor of the magazine Menzo, TV presenter, and of course, the singer of the group Clouseau.

His car is entered in the Pro-Am, with the McLaren #5.


Driver Blancpain 2013 Marlene Broggi

The French driver, Marlene Broggi has already raced under our colors, when we were in the Eurocup Megane Trophy championship, in the World Series by Renault events. She also participated with us  in the 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps 2012. We saw her Clio, in Seat, in the Andros Trophy... She shares the wheel of the McLaren #15, with Karim Ojjeh.

Driver Blancpain 2013 Karim Ojjeh


Winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2011, LMP2 class, Karim is used to the Le Mans Series circuits; Karim Ojjeh has been confirmed to drive for our team for the Blancpain Endurance Series championship, at the wheel of the McLaren MP4-12C GT3, #15, in the Gentlemen class.

His flag : Germany and Saudi Arabia.

Blancpain Paul Ricard, a fantastic win                     June 2013

Our McLaren #5 wins the 3rd round of Blancpain Endurance series in Pro-Am class at Paul Ricard.

Very good qualifying session for Fred Vervisch. 2nd fastest laptime of Q3. In 2 laps. And then a fantastic race for the 2 drivers Fred Vervish and David Dermont. Koen Wauters was not available for this meeting.


David Dermont (driver) : "It's just extraordinary ! It was super hot in the car. Fred did  a great qualifying, which put us at ease because the car had a good pace. But we missed the singer and we really want to share this victory with Koen Wauters ".

Olivier Lainé (Team Manager) : "The team members did a very good job, the drivers have made extraordinary relay. We have been able to demonstrate that we have a winning car in the Pro-Am class, but we were also very well placed in the overall ranking. And this, 1 week after the checkered flag of Le Mans 24 Hours.. "

Frédéric Vervisch : "I'm really happy! Great job. This is really a result that I did not expect when I arrived here at Le Castellet, but I waiting for. David did a great double stint after our good qualifying. All items were combined. I would like to thank the team and .. see you at Spa-Francorchamps."

Thierry Boutsen (present at Castellet)  :  "The whole team did an unbelievable job, barely recovered from the fatigue of Le Mans 24 Hours race. It certainly a good sign for the second half of the season."

Stéphane Sertang (CEO Ginion Group) : "Congratulations, it is just great. Congratulations to all the team,  for the efforts and the work done".

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