Blancpain GT Sports Club

Blancpain GT Sports Club 2018

Dates 2018 Circuits
  • Round 1 : 21-22/04/2018
  • Round 2 : 02-03/06/2018
  • Round 3 : 23-24/06/2018  
  • Round 4 : 21-22/07/2018
  • Round 5 : 01-02/09/2018
  • Round 6 : 29-30/09/2018
  • Monza – Italy (+Endurance)
  • Paul Ricard, France (+Endurance)  
  • Misano, Italy (+Sprint)
  • Spa, Belgium (+GT4)
  • Budapest, Hongrie (+Sprint)
  • Barcelona, Spain (+Endurance)


September 2018, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Barcelona, Podium : P2 !

Karim Ojjeh at the wheel of the BMW M6 and Claude-Yves Gosselin on the Lambo

Results of Saturday :

  • FP1 : P5 pour Karim Ojjeh, P14 CY Gosselin
  • Qualif : P5 Karim, P14 C-Y Gosselin
  • Qualifying race : P2 ! Podium for Karim, P9 for C-Y Gosselin

Karim Ojjeh at the wheel of the BMW M6 #2, Claude-Yves Gosselin at the wheel of the Lambo #4

Main race result  :

  • P6 : Claude-Yves Gosselin, overall. P2 for Titanium class !
  • P16 : Karim Ojjeh - best laptime, after a short off in gravelbed.

Championship : Karim Ojjeh, Champion Blancpain GT Sports Club 2018 ! Claude-Yves Gosselin, P5 in Titanium class !



September 2018, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Budapest, Round 5 : Champion ! 

Direction Hungary, and Hungaroring, for the 5th round of the championship.

One car, one driver : Karim Ojjeh at the wheel of the BMW M6 GT3. The 2 Lamborghini will be back at Barcelona. 

Results of Karim  :

Saturday, 1st of Sept

  • FP1 Free practices : P3
  • FP2 Free practices : P1
  • Qualif : P2 (rain and red flags)
  • Qualifying race : P5

The win in the main race ! Karim Ojjeh, Champion of Blancpain GT Sports Club 2018 at the wheel of the BMW M6 GT3, our beautiful black Panther ! 


July 2018, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Spa, Round 4 : perfect week-end ! 

Qualifying session :

  • P1 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P8 : CY Gosselin
  • P12 : Pierre Feligioni

A great result for Kaim Ojjeh, the winner of qualifying race  !

Off in gravel bed for Pierre Feligioni, drive-through for CY Gosselin .. 
Main race on Sunday : A second victory for Karim Ojjeh this week-end, at the wheel of the black BMW M6 !
Week-end all-in for the team !
Results of the 2 Lamborghini : P10, for CY Gosselin, P12 for Pierre Feligioni.
Championship :
  • P1 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P11/12  : CY Gosselin & Pierre Feligioni


June 2018, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Misano, Round 3 : Podium ! 

Intense week-end with practices, qualif and race today ! Karim Ojjeh, actual leader of GT Sports Club championship, Claude-Yves Gosselin in the Lambo #4 and Pierre Feligioni in the Lambo #6. 


  • P5 : K.Ojjeh
  • P7 : CY Gosselin
  • P8 : P Feligioni

Qualifying race  ! 

  • P4 : K Ojjeh !
  • P6 : CY Gosselin 
  • P12 : P Felgioni
A 4th position on Saturda & the second place on Sunday for Karim Ojjeh at the wheel of the BMW M6 ! 
Great job of Pierre Feligioni, TOP 6 ! 
DNF for Claude-Yves Gosselin, technical problem on the Lambo #4.. 


June 2018, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Paul Ricard, Round 2 : 2 races : Podum and win !

Karim Ojjeh scores mainden Blancpain GT Sports Club win at Paul Ricard !

At the wheel of the BMW M6, #2, Karim Ojjeh,
At the wheel of the Lamborghini, Claude-Yves Gosselin, Lambo #4 and Pierre Feligioni, Lambo #6.
Saturday 02/06/2018
  • Qualif race : Qualified P8, Karim Ojjeh finishes P4, when Pierre Feligioni realizes his best result, P7 ! But a penalty for the winner and second driver makes them win 2 positions ! Karim is P2 and Pierre P5 ! Claude-Yves Gosselin, DNF, due to alternator problem.t
  • Main race : Started from first row, Karim is leading the race at the end of first lap and will remain leader till the end of the race ! his first victroy in Blancpain GT Sports Club ! Pierre could not avoid collision and got a drive through penalty.. He finishes P11. CY Gosselin started from the back of the grid did great job, P8 !

Karim Ojjeh is now leading the championship !


April 2018, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Monza, Round 1 : Double podium !

1st meeting of the Blancpain season in Italy this weekend, at the wheel of the BMW M6, Karim Ojjeh. At the wheel of the 2 Lambos: Pierre Feligioni and Claude-Yves Gosselin.
After very good free and qualifying practices, our drivers have started the season particularly well. The victory is not very far ..

  • Qualifying race: a tumultuous start for the GT Sports Club participants, a race finally stopped by a red flag after the race incidents. First podium of Karim Ojjeh and his black panther: P2. The 2 Lambos finished P7, for Claude-Yves Gosselin, while Pierre Feligioni took the 10th place.
  • Main race: Karim Ojjeh repeats his first race result, finishing P2 again! Claude-Yves Gosselin is P3, but victim of a penalty of 30 seconds, is classified P6. Feligioni is P8.


Karim Ojjeh : “Monza, aka Ferrari-land!  The objective of the weekend was to limit the damage and collect as many points as possible.  Thanks to some great team work, the objective was achieved!  Thanks to the team, engineer and mechanics !

Pierre Feligioni : « Wonderful week-end in Monza, the performance of our cars was incredible! Thanks to the team, we reached a high level of performance .. Well done and thanks for your support ! »

Results :

Qualifying race :

  • P2 : K.Ojjeh
  • P7 : CY Gosselin
  • P10 : Pierre Feligioni

Main race :

  • P2 : K.Ojjeh
  • P6 : CY Gosselin
  • P8 : Pierre Feligioni


Blanpain GT Sports Club 2017 :

Sept 2017, Blancpain GT Sports Club, Barcelona, Round 6

Saturday 30/09/17 : Qualif and qualifying race :

Qualif :

  • P7 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P9 : CY Gosselin
  • P14 : Pierre Feligioni

Qualifying race  :

  • TOP 10 for Pierre Feligioni !
  • P21 : Karim Ojjeh, off
  • NC : CY Gosselin, driveshaft broken

Main race : red flag !!

Start of the race under safety car for 2 laps, and then red flag due to too heavy rain !
The race will not resume.
  • P10 : P. Feligioni
  • P20 : CY Gosselin
  • P22 : K Ojjeh

Positive point of the week-end : Karim Ojjeh finished on the podium, P3 for the overall classification of BLANCPAIN GT SPORTS CLUB 2017 !!!


August 2017, BLANCPAIN GT SPORTS CLUB, Budapest, Round 5 

Race meeting on a sunny and very hot track. Good laptimes during test and qualifying sessions (P5) for Karim Ojjeh, but the BMW #2 had an accident during race 1, prevented us from the 4th position. No time to repair correctly between the 2 races.

No point this week-end, but Karim remains P3 in the championship.


Rendez-vous in Barcelona for the Blancpain GT Sports Club finale, 29-30 Sept 2017 !

Results GT Sports Club :

  • Qualif : P5
  • Race 1 : DNF
  • Race 2 : DNS


Free practices, qualif ... and qualifying race  !
With our 3 cars :
  • BMW M6, #2, de Karim Ojjeh,
  • Lamborghini, #4, de Claude-Yves Gosselin
  • Lamborghini, #6, de Pierre Feligioni

Results qualif :

  • P3 : Karim Ojjeh, BMW M6 #2
  • P11 : CY Gosselin, Lambo #4
  • P21 : Pierre Feligioni, Lambo #6

Results qualifying race : heavy crash at the start of the race, fortunately our cars were not involved, but the race was really shorter due to long safety car ..

  • P5 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P10 : CY Gosselin
  • P17 : Pierre Feligioni


2nd race of the weekend, this Sunday : the main race.
And again a hitch between several cars, which shortens us again our race time ..
Karim Ojjeh started P5 and gradually overtook the other competitors to end on the 3rd step of the podium!
Is now 2nd in the Blancpain GT Sports Club Championship !

Claude-Yves Gosselin took 2 points with his 10th place, Pierre Feligioni finished P17.

Karim Ojjeh : "I guess you can say that the podium of the main race was the achievement of hard work from everyone in the team.  It's not "my" podium but "our" podium as a team.  We are getting to know the car better and better.  It will be harder at the last two races.  However, we intent to be prepared!"



Great performance from our drivers !!!
Free practices and qualif session, it is very very warm outside and inside the car. 32 degrees ..

Free practices 1 :

  • P10 : Karim Ojjeh on the BMW M6, #2
  • P15 : Claude-Yves Gosselin, Lambo #4
  • P20 : Pierre Feligioni, Lambo #6

Second session is even warmer, some improvements :

  • P4 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P8 : Claude-Yves Gosselin
  • P20 : Pierre Feligioni


  • P2 : Claude Yves Gosselin !
  • P5 ; Karim Ojjeh
  • P22 : Pierre Feligioni

The 2 races for the GT Sports Club on Sunday : great performance and good points for the championship for Karim Ojjeh (2 x P4) on the BMW M6 #2, the 3 Mercedes were too fast this week-end.
Claude Yves Gosselin (Lambo #4) started from the first row for race 1, he finished P7.
In the main race, Gosselin was hit and had to go back to the pit to change the rear tire.
Pierre Feligioni (Lambo #6) had also to come back to the pits due to contact.
Results :

Qualif race :

  • P4 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P7 : Claude-Yves Gosselin
  • P19 : Pierre Feligioni

Main race :

  • P4 : Karim Ojjeh
  • P19 : Claude-Yves Gosselin
  • P20 : Pierre Feligioni

Standings championship : P4 for Karim Ojjeh !


May 2017, BLANCPAIN GT SPORTS CLUB, SILVERSTONE, Round 2 : 2 races, 2 PODIUMS ! P3 & P2 !

Qualif race : PODIUM for our BMW M6 #2 !

Hectic race.. Karim Ojjeh finishes on the 3rd step of the podium !
Fastest lap of the race !
Claude-Yves Gosselin, (Lambo #4), has been hit on the back, but could rejoin and finish the race P20.
Pierre Feligioni, (Lambo #6), was blocked by another slower competitor, is P17.

Main race :

A thrilling race with the 3 first cars fighting for first position till the end of the race. Karim did a great job finishing P2 with the M6, with again the fastest lap of the race !
CY Gosselin started P20 did a good race, finishing P12.
Pierre Feligioni, progressing well, is P17.

Karim Ojjeh : “A good step up.  We needed after Mizano.  We have now proved we can challenge the top cars and drivers.  We simply need to continue the momentum.  The team was great, but I will dedicate my podiums to Kevin, my race engineer who did a super job!”


April 2017, BLANCPAIN GT SPORTS CLUB, MISANO, Round 1 : Qualifying race : TOP 9 !

26 cars on the grid for the first round of the championship, 3 cars for our team, the BMW M6 and 2 Lamborghini Reiter,


  • P18, CY Gosselin, Lambo #4
  • P20, K.Ojjeh, BMW #2
  • P23, P.Feligioni, Lambo #6

Qualif race

  • TOP 9 for Karim Ojjeh !
  • P10,  CY Gosselin
  • P19, P.Feligioni


P13 : CY Gosselin Lambo #4
P19 : P.Feligioni Lambo #6
DNF : K.Ojjeh BMW #2, fighting for 6th position, hit by another car.


May 2016, BLANCPAIN GT SPORTS CLUB, BRANDS HATCH : 2 podiums :  P3 / P2 !

  • Qualifying race : P3
  • CMain race : P2 -  fastest lap in race !

This week-end, we were in Blancpain, GT SPORTS CLUB.

GT Sports Club has been created for Bronze drivers, who wants to race in an exclusive but friendly atmosphere.

Karim Ojjeh was our driver, at the wheel of the BMW M6 GT3.
Qualified P8, Karim did a fantastic job from P8 to P3 in the qualifying race. Even better result in the main race, finishing second with the fastest lap.

Karim Ojjeh :  "It's official ... last year the Z4 car was nicknamed the Bat Mobile, this year it's the Panther!  We came to Brands as a training/testing ground for Silverstone.  The objective was to learn the car, make changes and understand what best procedures to use in strenuous efforts - Full Course Yellow, the difficulty with Map 1 when at very low revs ... etc.  I believe, and the team can attest to this, that our mission was completed.  Overall, we had a very productive weekend.  The two podiums where the cherry on the cake!  I can only thank the team and the exceptional great English weather for a great and productive weekend.  Silverstone be wary as the Panther is on its way."


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