LMP2 class, ELMS championship

LMP2 class & the European Le Mans Series Championship (ELMS)

The prototypes LMP2 are open or closed and only for private teams. They must be derived from the one of origin.
All the drivers are classified in different categories : Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinium. In LM P2, the crews must count at least 1 Silver or Bronze driver.

  • Minimum Weight: 900 kg
  • Wing width: 1.60 m
  • Maximum Cubic capacity: 5000 cm3 and 8 cylinders for the atmospheric engines, or mono turbo of 3200 cm3 and maximum 6 cylinders for the turbo engines
  • Maximum rotor diameter: 38 cm
  • Headlights beam: white
  • Colour of LMP2 category sticker: blue


Calendar 2014 Circuits
  • 01-02/04/2014     
  • 18-19/04/2014 
  • 17-18/05/2014   
  • 18-20/07/2014  
  • 13-14/09/2014 
  • 18-19/10/2014   
  • ROUND 5 : ESTORIL – Portugal
The changes for 2014 meetings :
  • 1 race of 4 hours (instead of 3 hours in 2013)
  • 2 free practices, of 90 minutes (instead of 60 minutes)
  • 1 qualif session of 20 minutes

As in  2013, 2 or 3 drivers by the line-up, with at least 1 bronze or silver driver.

Tires can be warmed again.


Our team is in the European Le Mans Series since 2011. This season, our LMP2 car had the number 4.

Calendar 2013 Circuits
  • 14 April 2013           
  • 18 May 2013             
  • 20 July 2013         
  • 14 September 2013         
  • 28 September 2013
  • Silverstone - United Kindgom
  • Imola - Italy
  • RedBull Ring - Austria
  • Budapest - Hungary
  • Castellet - France 

First round of the European Le Mans Series, at Silverstone (UK) : TOP 5 !

The race starts on a dry track so Bastien Brière is in the car, on slick tires. But after 1 lap, it starts raining. Back to the pits to put intermediaire tires on the car.

After a short moment, the rain is more and more intensive. It becomes very difficult to remain on the track. A lot of runaways. Bastien is still on the car, and now in 3rd position. Back into the pits for wet tires. It is now the English driver, John Hartshorne to start his stint. The safety car enters the track. John will only have laps behind the safety car. And even with the safety car, some cars go out of the track.

It is now a regular pit-stop for driver change, Thomas Dagoneau, will also go swim. But after 2 laps, the race is stopped by a red flag, after 75 % of the race. We will have the full points for the championship.

We finish 5th in the LMP2 class.

Bastien Brière : "I expected to run in a typical English weather, and I have not been disappointed ! Because it is in a pouring rain that I took the start from the seventh place. The objective was clear in these conditions : go as fast as possible, but avoid overrun at any price. The race has been difficult, it was hard to keep the car on the track because it slipped tremendously. But I managed to stay focused, to go fast without making mistake. So this 5th position is a good result for the start of the championship."

John Hartshorne : "A challenging weekend with very changeable weather conditions. A stunning drive by Bastien with him running as high as 3rd at one stage.
Sadly the race drew to an ineffective end due to track flooding which resulted in a long safety car period before it was stopped. Thank you for all the hard work".


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