24H Series

Planning 2016:

Dates 2016 Circuits
  • 15-16 January 2016           
  • 18-19 March 2016          
  • 5-7 May 2016         
  • 16-17 July 2016        
  • 3-4 Sept 2016
  • 14-16 October 2016
  • 24H Dubai
  • 12H Mugello - Italy
  • 12H Zandvoort - NL
  • 24H Paul Ricard
  • 24H Barcelone
  • 12H Brno -CZ


March 2016 : 12H MUGELLO : P3 Am class

A podium P3, A6-class Am at the 12H of MUGELLO, Round 2 of the 24H Series Championship. After Dubai, Italy, 19 & 20 March.
At the wheel of the Renault RS01, Daniel Waszczinski, Renaud Kuppens, Kris Cools and Philippe Salini.

DAY 1 : Friday, Free practices, Qualif and first part of the race (4 hours). 64 cars at the start of the race. Unfortunately, car has been crashed during free practices, no qualifying session for us, Start from the back of the grid. Philippe Salini starts the race. Good stint, from P64 to P24 overall. P4 in A6-Am class. Kris Cools is now at the wheel of the car. P21 !  But a contact with another competition forces the RS01 to come back to the pitbox to repair as fast as possible. Philippe Salini is now at the wheel of the car. P55 overall.





Race result - Part 1 : P4, A6 Am-class.
DAY 2 : Saturday : Second part of the 12H of Mugello : 8 hours of race !

Renaud Kuppens is at the wheel of the RS01. As we lost some time yesterday during race 1, we started P50 overall, and P4 in A6-Am class. After an intense and event-full race, we succeed to finish P3 in Italy ! (A6-Am class)

In the overall A6 (Pro/am) classification 24H Series championship, our team is now in 6th position !


January 2016 : 24H DUBAI  : Checkered flag for our Renault RS01 : P6 class A6-Am !

100 cars at the start of this famous race of Dubai 24 hours. This year, we had the chance to race with the new Renault RS01. Despite the change of clutch and battery, we have suceeded to cross the checkered flag : P6 of the A6-am class. Our 4 drivers, AA Corbel, Christophe de Fierlant, Eric Vaissiere and Daniel Waszczinski have enjoyed the adventure !




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24h of Dubai 2015, the 5th edition for our team, and the 4th podium. 2016 is already in the plans!

And a first endurance race for the Maserati Gran Turismo.
The 24H of Dubai is a race like no other, a beautiful event with 96 cars at the start and a little less at the checkered flag, all under the sun ...

The 96 cars are separated into classes according to their model and power. Our Maserati was part of the SP2 class (Special cars, GT / Silhouette)
A good result as we finish P3, thanks to our drivers, Renaud Kuppens, Christophe de Fierlant, Daniel Wasczcinski, Eric Vaissière and Philippe Ulivieri.

SP2 Class results for all sessions:
FP1: P5
FP2: P4
Q1: P2!
Q2: P5
Warm-up: P1!
Race : P3

Christophe de Fierlant: "What a great race in sunny Dubai, with tension until the last lap! This Maserati Trofeo gave me great pleasure. I find it ideal for this kind of competition. Nice to drive, very fun, and the amazing music coming from this V8 ... Thanks to my teammates (Renaud thank you for sharing your experience of the car), thank you, Olivia and Olivier (perfect mix between atmosphere and professionalism), thanks to the team (super efficient as always) and thanks to my friends for their support.  We have to do it again soon.”

Philippe Ulivieri: "Once again the Boutsen Ginion team gave us unforgettable memories. So I want to start with a big thank to Olivia, Olivier, Edward, Tom, Matthew, Timothy, Bernie and Jonathan, the Maserati engineer. A real family that combines great sympathy and competence. The Maserati Gran Turismo for its first major endurance race has shown a great strength. The major challenge was to race into the intense traffic of 90 cars, the result of the remarkable success of these 10th 24H of Dubai. An impressive grid with high performant GT and very well prepared cars which reinforces the merits of the result of the team.

Eric Vaissière : "Philippe and I made the choice to race with the Maserati Trofeo to be on an atypical car. We have not been disappointed, the car performed very well and we did encounter only small problems for a vehicle that had never competed in 24h races. I am very happy to share this with a brand like Maserati. I want to thank the whole Boutsen-Ginion team and the engineer Jonathan Maserati. The Maserati Trofeo is a good car, easy to drive for endurance races. This experience will allow Team Boutsen Ginion to make some updates to make the car very powerful. I am motivated to continue the experience with the team and Maserati!

Daniel Wasczcinski : «Used to the Maserati Trofeo championship, the 24 hours of Dubai was a first time experience for me compared to my teammates. The race was a total success, with a reliable car and a very amicable relationship between all drivers and the team. I hope to renew the experience soon.»

Renaud Kuppens : "Very happy with the performance of the car, she answered my expectations and better. It is an opportunity for Maserati to think about more races in the future. With a team of Pro drivers, I am convinced that we could reach a good result in the general classification. Thank you all for this event."


DUBAI 24 HOURS 2014 :

Dubai, this year, was the 18 and not the 24 hours !

A wonderful start for the race, as our Renault Megane car was leading the SP2 class.
Our 3 drivers did a fantastic job.

Electrical problems first, and engine after, did not permit our team to finish on the podium, as in the 3 previous entries. It is a pity, as we were P3 at the moment of the abandon.
We will be better next time !
Free practices : P6 & P4
Qualif 1 : P2
Qualif 2 : P5
Warm-up : P2
Start of the race : 14H00
15H30 : P1
23H00 : P4
02H00 mid-race : P 3
08H15 : P3 : We will not see the chequered flag. Our Dubai adventure is finished.. for this year.



DUBAI 24 HOURS 2013  - The podium  in SP2 Class  !   January 2013

Rolling start for our 3rd entry of the Dubai 24 Hours race. 80 cars were at the start.


This time, we were present with a Renault Megane Trophy, number 130. Our drivers line-up : the belgian, Renaud Kuppens and Christophe de Fierlant, the french Jean-Charles Battut, and the italian driver, Massimo Vignali.

Qualified 6th in its class, Renaud Kuppens started the race. A race punctuated by numerous « code 60 » (speed limit 60 km/hour) following accidents and runaways that our drivers could avoid !

As usual, a wonderful fireworks !

Here in Dubai, we race in the desert and the car swallows dust and sand, which probably caused our hydraulics problems  and forced us to stop more often than expected. We did have a good lead over our main competitor, which allowed us to cross the finish line and pass under the checkered flag .. in 3rd position - SP2 Class. And without a scratch on the car!

3rd entry at Dubai, 3rd  podium in the Arabic Emirates !


Christophe de Fierlant (driver) : « This race was a big challenge for me. New team, new car, new drivers, new circuit, and first 24H race with such a level. I appreciated the good atmosphere, professionalism of the team, the speed of the Megane car, the sympathy and advices of the other drivers, the beauty of the Dubai Autodrome and the oriental touch of these 24 hours. Say that I had fun is an understatement, I loved it. Thanks to Olivia, Olivier, engineers, and mechanics. And thanks  to the fans who followed us on the internet. '

Jean-Charles Battut (driver) : “The Dubai race has allowed me to meet wonderful drivers. We go home with an head full of good memories. Thank you to all the team!



Renaud Kuppens (driver) : « A great experience, I am happy to be at the finish. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Boutsen Ginion Racing again and also to work with my teammates. »

Massimo Vignali (driver) : «Wow, what a fun race to be in ! I have to say I have really enjoyed a lot during this weekend in Dubai as the ambiance was really cool. Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we couldn’t run the race as we wanted but until that point I think we did a very solid job, especially at night were our pace was consistently fast. Of course, I am very happy to have achieved a podium finish and I would like to give a special thanks to all the mechanics, engineers and team manager for the hard work they did for us. The car was really nice and easy to drive and was consistent in her behaviour throughout the race. Of course, I also would like to thank my teammates as I think we were one of the few cars, at the end of the race, which didn’t have a single scratch on the bodywork ! See you at the next adventure !»


The Renault Megane Trophy #130

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