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FERRARI FRANCORCHAMPS MOTORS Brussels & Luxembourg / Racing service ..

March 209 : Another day, another circuit for our team : Valencia in Spain,  

2 days of testing for the Ferrari 488 Challenge Club on the Valencia circuit, many laps and great improvement of the lap times for the drivers of the black beauty, the Ferrari 488 of our partner Francorchamps Motors... 


ARRIVE & DRIVE : A unique experience

Curbstone "ARRIVE & DRIVE" can help you to realise that childhood dream of one day driving on a famous GP or Formula1 circuit !

The aim of Curbstone is making available the very finest supercars, sports and luxury cars, race cars, it is also about offering flawless service and about attention to detail. So wherever you are, whatever the reason for hiring a supercar or race car, Curbstone makes sure the process is simple, friendly, transparent and, of course, a pleasure. It is exactly what the best cars in the world deserve.

Rentals for the day for GT-SPORT and/or GT-RACE. Including insurance (there is an own risk), tyres, fuel, mechanical assistance,... No hidden surprises and with full service, just as you are used to getting from Curbstone!

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As a racing team, we take care of our own cars (LMP2, BMW GT3, Renault RS01, Honda TCR ..) but we can also provide you assistance during the race week-ends, and prepare your car in our workshop.

Last event : The FERRARI OWNERS Day at Spa-Francorchamps, in partnership with Francorchamps Motors Brussels & Luxembourg

Some pics of our RACING SERVICE and COACHING.

Preparation of your car at our workshop, and race track assistance during race meetings.


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