Le Mans 24 Hours

LE MANS 24 Hours RACE 2014 : 

  • 01/06/2014        OFFICIAL TEST
  • 12-15/06/2014   LE MANS 24 HOURS RACE


LE MANS 24 HOURS 2013 : TOP 11 for our  LMP2 number 40 !     

A long and difficult race, more than 6 hours of safety cars, many off the track, incredible weather conditions, but at the end of the race, as in 2012, our No. 40 LMP2. Our rookies drivers, the French, Thomas Dagoneau, and the 2 Americans, Rodin Younessi and Matt Downs finish in the 11th position.              


2 entries at Le Mans, 2012 and 2013, and 2 times at the arrival of this fantastic race ! This is already a victory for us !


Thomas Dagoneau (driver) : "My childhood dream came true, and I think in a beautiful way! I had an advantage over the U.S. drivers, I'm pretty comfortable driving on wet track. My greatest pride is to have finished for my first entry at Le Mans : it is not given to everyone.  I'm already thinking in the back of my head, to a second participation. I thank all my partners to whom I dedicate this race. I also have a thought for the Danish driver.”




Rodin Younessi (driver) : «A picture is worth a thousand words»

"The 24 hours of Le Mans has been one of the most thrilling and testing experiences in my life. I was fortunate enough to have a great team behind me and with their support and unyielding handwork we were able to finish the race in a great position.  I am very proud of our results and feel very fortunate and grateful to have experienced the most famous race in MotorSports with the greatest group of dedicated folks all working together for one goal. I had always heard that the race will be an unforgettable experience but I never imagined the true extent of that of the statement until now.”






Matt Downs (driver): "First of all my heart goes out to the friends and family of Allan Simonsen. Le Mans was truly a chance of a lifetime for me.  The team did a first class job of preparation before the race and execution during the race.  We finished the race with 3 rookies which is a testament to the quality of the entire team including my fellow drivers Thomas and Rodin.  Overall the race was a success in every regard. I want to thank my family: Dad & Cathy, Mom,  Rick & Erin, Jen,  Anthony, Elizabeth & Mike, Luke & Kristi,  Alex, and Nate.  To the love of my life Lynn, a big thanks for your love and support!  Thanks also to one of my biggest supporters Casey Lloyd! To the entire Boutsen-Ginion team, you are a wonderful group of people,  thank you for the friendship."



Olivier  Lainé (team manager) : «While it was unknown in 2012, this year we knew what to expect. The challenge was enormous by choosing 3 rookies drivers who never raced the Le Mans 24 Hours but the result is there! I want to thank each member of the team and the 3 drivers, Thomas, Rodin and Matt, for the result achieved !"


2012 : LE MANS 24 HOURS : A great experience !

To follow : THE CAR #45

Program of the day - wednesday June 13th, the first free practices, from 16 to 20 and the qualfying session from 22 to midnight.

The team is ready ..

Already a good free practices session to start the event, our drivers, Shinji Nakano, Bastien Brière and Jens Petersen finish at the 4th position.

Qualifying session : It is Shiniji Nakano who starts the qualifying session, and realizes the 4th best time of LMP2 class. Bastien Briere is the second to drive. But goes out of the track. The rear bloc has to be changed. After a good job of the mechanics, Jens Petersen can finish the session. Still 5 minutes to go.

We are qualified 4th ! Great

Thursday : Second and third qualifying sessions : we don't improve our laptimes, as we are working on the different set-ups for the race.  Other cars have been quicker, our LMP2 number 45 is classified in 10th position.  This will be our position on the grid, to start the race tomorrow, Saturday, at 3 pm.

Friday : no test session today, on the track, but well a drivers parade in the centrum of Le Mans city with all the drivers participating to the 24 Hours race.

In the rain this year. As the warm-up, on Saturday morning.

Start of the race at 4 pm : the race is on for 24 Hours !!!!

Qaulified 23rd on the general ranking, 10th in the LMP2 class, our car, has just participated to its first start of the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.

The car has slick tires, even if there is a few rain ..

The driver is the Japanese Shinji Nakano.

45 minutes of race, the sun is back on the circuit. First refuelling pit-stop. We are 9th in the LMP2 classification.

2 hours and 30 minutes, of race, still 21 hours 30 minutes to race.. It is now Jens Petersen who is driving the car. Normal refueling pit-stops.

First stint for Bastien Brière. A very long sagety car after the crash between the Toyota and a Ferrari. Shiniji Nakano is the next driver in the car. It is now midnight, we are in 9th position, LMP2 class..

Small trouble with our LMP2 as we see it out of the track without lights. But fortunately, Jens Petersen can restart the car and come back to the pits. Refueling of the car. Jens remains in the car, but runaways in the first lap. He succeeds to come back to the pits, with the car which will be checked by the mechanics.. The car restarts, with Bastien Brière as driver.

it is now 2 o'clock, we are 13th LMP2 and 22 in the general classification.

Bastien Briere is replaced by Shinji Nakano.  It is now 3.30 am, we are 12th LMP2 and 20th in the general ranking.

It is now 7.30, a very long night, a safety car, a problem with the tires, but we could join the pit, .. we are still in the race, 10th LMP2, 18th in the general ranking...   1/3 of the race to go. Bastien is now in the car.

8.00 am : Runaway, the car is back into the pits, 46 minutes of work, the car is back in the race. 26 general ranking, 11 LMP2.

Still 1 hour and 30 minutes, we are still there, after a lot of events, for us or for the other cars, runaways, safety car, .. For our first entry at the Le Mans 24 hours race, to finish the race would already be a win for us. But still 90 minutes ..

15 h 00 : Our LMP2 car, number 45, cross the finish line, 10th position of the class !!! We have reached our goal : we  have provided a reliable car to the drivers, and we have seen the chequered flag of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, 2012. 

Olivier Lainé : « We have worked a lot to give a reliable car to our drivers. Our objectif was to finish the race. We will now work with all the informations we have gathered during the race. And will come back even stronger next year. Thanks to everybody ! »


Bastien Brière : ‘I have been very happy to see the checkered flag of the Le Mans 24 Hours race.  It has been a great moment for the team. I would like to thank all my sponsors, partners and fans. I look forward to come back again.

Jens Petersen : "I really like to thank every team member for the big effort and dedication to finish the 2012 Le Mans race which has been the first entry for the team and for me as a driver. Everyone says that this is a difficult race but you only totally understand this once you are part of the race. In a way, it is a mixture of the very high speeds you drive in every lap and the ultra marathon distance, especially for a prototype car. But the are a lot other things you have to be so focused on, which makes it so difficult.

So doing the 24h Le Mans race for the first time you learn a lot of things and yes you for sure have a benefit from this when you come back.

I really liked the atmosphere of the race, the enthousiasm of the audience is outstanding ! Standing on the main straight together with the team in front of this big audience before the start of the race was a special moment.

And then the driving in the night! For me this by far was the best.

The handling of the car at this stage was really nice and the feeling doing 300 km/h in the dark in an open cockpit prototype on what normally is a open french country road really gave me a kick. I was really relaxed in the car and I enjoyed every single lap! I am so happy we made it to the finish of this crazy race which already is an achievement if you are at Le Mans for the first time and we even managed to do so on P10 (out of 20) without damaging the car or getting involved in some of severall accidents which the race saw. At the end I can only once again thank all Boutsen Ginion team members who did so well ! Keep racing !


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